sotlat (sotlat) wrote,

12 Monkeys: Out Of Time - Webisode 1: Goodbye

Tagline: Project Splinter is about to begin. Will the future be erased by changing the past?

Timeline: Takes place just prior to Cole's first jump in the pilot episode.

[Dr. Lasky stands infront of the time machine.]

Lasky: Are we recording?

Cameraman: Yeah. We're good.

Lasky: My name is Thomas Lasky. I'm a scientist with Project Splinter. The year is 2043. 26 years ago, a plague wiped out 98% of the world's population... 7 billion dead. I am recording this to document our efforts to change the world. Tomorrow we will splinter a man back in time to 2015, to stop the virus from ever happening.

[Lasky turns and gestures at the time machine behind him.]

Lasky: This is the machine. Currently in her idle position, as signified by her blue light. When a splinter sequence is initiated, the time stream becomes active, the light shifts to white. A red light denotes a lack of power and this baby uses a lot of power. If we are successful, and if Godel's theory on time-like curves is correct, no one will ever see this video. This reality, this time, will no longer exist. So, if we're lucky, this is goodbye.
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