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12 Monkeys: Out Of Time - Webisode 3: Self Portrait

Tagline: Jennifer Goines and the number 12 are a bad combination.

Timeline: Takes place before or during the events of episode 2.

[In Jennifer's room at the J.D. Peoples Mental Institution.]

Dr. Sandman: Why monkeys, Jennifer?

We come from monkeys. Go far enough back, that's a self-portrait.

[Jennifer refers to the monkey head she drew on the wall.]

Jennifer: That's my very great grand daddy flinging poop into history.

Dr. Sandman: You draw them in sets of twelve. Is that number significant to you?

Jennifer: Mmm... Twelve months. Twelve signs of the zodiac. Twelve days of Christmas. Twelve... mmm... [whispers] Great Gods. One-two hours on a clock.

[Jennifer laughs. Dr. Sandman holds up a crayon drawing of red trees.]

Dr. Sandman: Tell me about this one. You've drawn a forest, except in red. Always red.

Jennifer: Red. The leaves are changing. Green to red. The leaves are changing.

Dr. Sandman: You've drawn a peaceful place in the least peaceful color. I'm curious what that's symbolic of.

Jennifer: A serious lack of crayons.

Dr. Sandman: Jennifer...

Jennifer: You're all chalk nazis! All of you! I need more colors. My Yelp review of this institution is going to be scathing. [laughs]

[Dr. Sandman holds up the picture of the red forest again.]

Dr. Sandman: Why does this place frighten you?

Jennifer: It should frighten you! It's where it starts. We're all just monkeys in a forest that hasn't grown yet. In all of history, the only natural predator to the skyscraper is the tree. Give it time. Give it time. [laughs] Give it time.

[Jennifer rocks back and forth on her bed while laughing. Dr. Sandman closes the file he's holding and heads for the door.]

Jennifer: Oh, come on! Give me a time. [laughs]
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