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12 Monkeys: Out Of Time - Webisode 4: Enemy At The Gates

Tagline: Is everyone in danger - from something other than the virus?

Timeline: Takes place at the beginning of episode 4.

[Adler enters a staff room and joins Rachelle at a table.]

Adler: Rachelle, I need your help updating the entrance protocols.

[Rachelle points towards the cameraman filming them.]

Rachelle: You... thought me fussing with the control panel was worth putting on record?

Adler: Dr. Lasky thought so. He wants to document how we work under adverse conditions.

Rachelle: What adverse conditions?

Adler: Haven't you heard? Whitley encountered Scavs on his last patrol.

Rachelle: That's why we're updating entrance protocols?

[Adler nods.]

Rachelle: Where...where is Lasky?

Adler: He's preparing to bring Cole back, ahead of schedule.

Rachelle: Hang on, this is serious?

Adler: Ah, I think everyone's got their knickers in a twist about nothing. Probably just the Daughters passing through.

Rachelle: No... no... no, no, no. If they're pulling Cole back early, then they're worried. They think there's a real chance that someone might get inside. Might reach the machine.

Adler: It's not just that.

Rachelle: What?

Adler: Rumor has it, it's West VII.

Rachelle: Oh Jesus. Oh Jesus.

[Rachelle gets up from the table and hurriedly leaves the room. Adler picks up one of the playing cards on the table in front of him and turns it over to reveal an Ace.]
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