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12 Monkeys: Out Of Time - Webisode 5: Forty-Three Minutes

Tagline: That's all it takes before we are out of time.

Timeline: Takes place between 2011 and early 2013. Prior to the 12 Monkeys' original attack on the Markridge lab.

[Jennifer and a Markridge employee named Bill are having a talk in a boardroom. Bill pours himself a drink.]

Bill: Jennifer, dear, the kind of security in the Night Room you're recommending is unnecessary.

Jennifer: I know, Bill, it's expensive.

Bill: Unnecessarily expensive. Your father won't allow it.

Jennifer: I spent a month down there in the dark and all that's there is a merry band of mouth-breathing labbies and guard named Skip. Not to mention, a vault that houses the most dangerous virus mankind has ever known.

Bill: Your point?

Jennifer: Give me a slingshot and a beanie and I can steal that virus like a candy bar.

Bill: We have taken monumental steps to safeguard that virus...

[Jennifer becomes agitated and slams her finger down on a stack of files.]

Jennifer: Forty-three minutes. Forty-three minutes, average response time between the fail safe being triggered and the cavalry coming. Do you think you command forty-three minutes worth of loyalty with a gun to your head?

Bill: I think, Jennifer, you are out of line.

Jennifer: Umm, Billy boy. Bill. Bill, Billy boy. I think I'm out of a lot of things. I'm out of patience. I'm out of my mind. I'm out of milk. I'm out of...

[Jennifer pauses to reach into her pocket and grab her phone. She brings it up to her mouth to record a memo.]

Jennifer [quietly]: Reminder to buy milk.

Bill: Jesus Christ. Jennifer, time for you to go.

[Bill nods towards the door and holds a file out to Jennifer. Jennifer grabs the file from Bill then storms off to the doorway. She starts to close the door, but pauses.]

Jennifer: It's called the Night Room for a reason. Because if what's down there ever sees daylight, we are, absolutely all of us, out of time.

[Jennifer slams the door. Bill leans back in his chair and has a sip of his drink.]
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