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12 Monkeys: Out Of Time - Webisode 6: Overdue

Tagline: Something with the timeline is wrong. Very wrong.

Timeline: Takes place during episode 6.

Lasky: How long is Cole overdue for return?

Adler: Four hours, 23 minutes.

Rachelle: All systems check out. From a technical standpoint, there is no reason why he shouldn't be back.

Lasky: Then why isn't he?

Adler: Could be anything. Solar interference. Coil fluctuations. Perhaps the solenoid actuator is half a degree off axis. Who knows?

Rachelle: Maybe he's dead...

[Lasky and Adler turn to look at Rachelle.]

Rachelle: What I'm saying is, maybe we have to trust that the machine will pull him back when it's ready. When he's ready.

Adler: Not this mystical nonsense again!

Rachelle: You have to admit, what we're dealing with here, isn't strictly speaking, 100% science.

Adler: I have to do no such thing.

Lasky: This doesn't make any sense.

Adler: What is it?

Lasky: Cole's tracer signal. It's putting him in 2043. He should be standing right in front of us.

Adler: That can't be right.

Rachelle: Unless there's been a divergence in the timeline.

[The screen starts flickering, inter-cutting the scientists with a grubby looking man standing in the same spot... a member of the West VII.]

Adler: That's impossible. You're talking about an alternate...

[Adler is cut off as the screen switches to the other man.]

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