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12 Monkeys: Out Of Time - Webisode 7: Message

Tagline: The past may hold the key to the future.

Timeline: ??? Prior to episode 6?

Striking woman: Was it difficult getting this through customs?

[Striking woman holds up an ancient looking plate with monkeys in the center and the symbol from the Pallid Man's necklace repeated around the outside.]

Man: No, we have a contact in France. An antiquity dealer and private collector... Dr. Asim Kaanapali(?) of India. He's done various expeditions through Iran, Iraq, Syria...

Striking woman: And Chechnya.

Man: Yes... you're right. This piece is Chechen. Little is known of the Druze off-shoot there. He said there's still a modern presence there now, but it's even more secretive than the sect in Syria.

Striking woman: For a very long time we've admired and enlisted the help of the Druze Brotherhood. Very few of our Chechen brothers remain. Our history with them and their beliefs is long and storied. We share a common goal. We're both custodians of time. Drawn to the responsibility of preservation. Willing to make sacrifices. And as fate has dictated, we will call on our Brothers soon again. Thank you.

[The man gets up and leaves the office.]

[Striking Woman smashes the plate on her desk, then digs through the shards. She pulls out a small cloth bundle, which she opens to find a black flashdrive.]

Striking woman: Father...
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