sotlat (sotlat) wrote,

12 Monkeys: Out Of Time - Webisode 9: Doubts

Tagline: The future of the mission - really, the future of the future - is up in the air.

Timeline: Takes place during episode 8.

[Lasky reaches forward to adjust the camera until he & Adler are in screen.]

Lasky: Hold on, I want to make sure we get this.

Adler: You're not going to like what I have to say. Jones is right. There's nothing in here about a cure for the 2040 mutation. [Adler lifts a stack of papers.] Don't feel bad, you're not the only one to get their hopes up. When it comes to selling snake oil, Fosters are the best of them.

Lasky: I heard Jones gave it to him pretty good. I would like to have seen that.

Adler: And get caught in the blast radius? No thanks. Too much history there. Trust me.

Lasky: So that's it? Mission's over?

Adler: I doubt that very much.

Lasky: Jones has a plan...

Adler: Doesn't she always? We're saving the world, Dr. Lasky, we can't give up now.

[Adler turns and leaves, carrying the papers with him. Lasky leans forward and turns off the camera.]
Tags: 12moneys, 12monkeyswebisode, 9doubts, webisode
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