sotlat (sotlat) wrote,

12 Monkeys: Out Of Time - Webisode 10: Goodbye, Again

Tagline: A team member leaves a last message.

Timeline: Takes place at the beginning of episode 9.

[Lasky is seen bringing his arm back down from turning on the camera.]

Lasky: I leave for Spearhead in a few minutes and so, uh, Dr. Adler, Dr. Scarfó... Rachelle, Julian. Um, thank you for making Project Splinter what it is and for making me feel a part of something special.

Lasky: And for coming oh so close to saving the world. I hope we get another chance.

[Lasky's voice becomes a bit verklempt.]

Lasky: Thank you for making me a better scientist. I will miss you both. I hope I didn't let you down.

[Lasky reaches forward to turn off the camera, but pauses, puts his arm back down and continues speaking.]

Lasky: If I could ask you one last favor... Could you make sure this future never happens? I'd greatly appreciate it.

[Lasky reaches forward once more and turns off the camera.]
Tags: 10goodbyeagain, 12moneys, 12monkeyswebisode, webisode
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