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12 Monkeys: Out Of Time - Webisode 11: Legacy

Tagline: Leland Goines has an empire to protect.

Timeline: Takes place in 2014.

[Leland Goines waits at the front door of a home. A dark haired man opens the door and seems surprised by who he finds there.]

Brian: Leland... what are you doing here?

Leland: I was worried about you, Brian. Can we talk?

Brian: Yeah.

[Brian opens the door and steps aside to allow Leland entrance. He seems wary of his uninvited guest. Brian closes the door and turns to face Leland.]

Brian: Look, I'm sorry about yesterday. I was out of line.

[Brian, carrying his coffee cup, leads Leland through his house to his living room.]

Brian: And Leland, I understand bending the rules, but Christ... What we've done at Markridge? It goes way beyond that now. Government contract or not, creating this kind of pathogen...

Leland: It will never see the light of day. We just want the option, Brian. Keeps their bio warfare budget flowing. Which puts your kids through college.

Brian: Yes, I'm worried about my kids, Leland. Christ, you're a father. If this thing gets out, into the wrong hands...

Leland: Yes, such a scenario would be catastrophic, you're right about that. Sleeping won't work.[?] We're right on the edge with this research, but I'm with you. No reason we can't do the right thing.

[Leland and Brian settle into their chairs. Brian lets out a sigh of relief upon hearing what Leland said.]

Brian: You have no idea how relieved I am to hear you say that.

[Brian sets his mug down on a coffee table.]

Brian: I'm sorry. I'm flustered. Do you want a cup?

[Brian gestures to his mug.]

Leland: You read my mind.

[Brian gets up and heads into his kitchen while continuing to talk. He grabs another mug and fills it with coffee.]

Brian: I have nightmares... this new strain is so aggressive. It's a...

Leland: I have the strictest containment protocols, Brian. You know that.

Brian: I do...know that. I designed them, remember? But we both know that's, uh, not the case with your off-site labs.

[Brian returns to his living room and hands Leland his coffee.]

Leland: Oh, I see. That's why you're meeting with the Washington Herald next week?

[Leland takes a sip of coffee while watching for Brian's reaction. Brian looks taken aback.]

Leland: It's okay. If I were in your position, I probably would have done the same. But I built Markridge from the ground up.

[Leland watches as Brian takes a sip of his coffee.]

Leland: It's my life's work. I've given everything for her.

Brian: I'm not blowing the whistle.

Leland: I know you're not, Brian.

[Leland leans forward and puts his coffee mug on the table. He then settles back in his chair to observe Brian. Brian places his mug on the table, then suddenly clutches his chest in pain and gives Leland a shocked look.]

[Leland responds with a raised eyebrow and slight shrug.]

[Another pain has Brian falling back in his chair. Leland reaches into his pocket, draws out a small vial and holds it up while continuing to talk.]

Leland: One of yours. Seraphim serum. Fast, untraceable... honestly, it's a work of art. It will look like that arrhythmia finally got the best of you. I'm very sorry about this, Brian.

[Leland grabs the two coffee mugs from the table and carries them into the kitchen. Brian moans and gasps for breath, while clutching the chair arm with his left hand and his chest with the right.]

Leland: I know the pain is excruciating. But don't worry, your children will be taken care of. College, too.

[Leland washes out the mugs, then grabs a dish cloth and dries them.]

Leland: I'm not a monster, Brian. I know one man's life is nothing compared to the legacy he leaves behind.

[Leland walks back into the living room and wraps his scarf around his neck. He glances over as Brian's body relaxes in death.]

[Leland puts on his coat as he walks to the front door. He exits the house, but pauses to grab the newspaper on the front porch. Leland re-enters the house and tosses the paper on a table just inside the door, then leaves once more. He closes the door with a loud bang.]

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