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12 Monkeys: Out Of Time - Webisode 12: The Next Cycle

Tagline: When time is broken, it just needs a little help.

Timeline: ???

[Classical piano plays as Olivia (aka Striking Woman) carries a small wooden box across her office.]

[She sets the box on her desk and opens it to reveal brown dried leaves.]

[Olivia uses a spoon to transfer some leaves to a mortar, then crushes them with a pestle.]

Olivia: When are you right now? Somewhere beautiful? Serene? Close to what you love?

[Olivia spoons the crushed leaves into a pot, then strikes a match and lights the burner beneath the pot. She blows on the match to extinguish the flame.]

[Water is poured into the pot, then the leaves are removed to leave an orange-brown liquid.]

Olivia: What if all that could be destroyed? You'd do everything in your power to protect it, wouldn't you?

[Olivia lifts the pot and sips the tea.]

Olivia: No matter how awful it seemed at the time. Even if you had to compromise everything... yourself... humanity. You would, every time. Over and over again.

[The video of Olivia starts shaking. A montage of images flash on the screen, similar to what was seen when Cassie was given the tea, but interspersed with clocks and gears.]

Olivia: And when time is broken, when it stops working correctly, all that's needed is a little help to make sure all the gears inside continue to turn. And all those intricate pieces work together, as they should.

[The gears on one of the clocks stops, a minute hand resting on 12 is shown and the single chime of a grandfather clock can be heard.]

Olivia: Beautiful circle, the cycle.

Tags: 12moneys, 12monkeyswebisode, 12thenextcycle, webisode
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