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12 Monkeys: Out Of Time - Webisode 13: The Interview

Tagline: Jennifer Goines interviews a potential assistant. Guess how that goes.

Timeline: Takes place between episodes 11 and 12.

[Jennifer sits at the head of a table in a Markridge board room, possibly the same one from webisode #4. She scribbles on a notepad while muttering to herself.]

Jennifer: Glasses. Glasses for the lady suit. There's a nice lady suit. I built this from the ground up. Let's have a board meeting about that. Have my assistant call your assistant call his assistant. Interesting, very interesting. Whoa, firm handshake. I'll use my booming voice. You can have confidence...

[The camera zooms out along the table to show that Jennifer is not alone.]

[The Interviewee clears her throat. Jennifer looks up startled.]

Jennifer: Ah! Jesus Christ! How long have you been there?

Interviewee: Half hour. You told me you needed a minute. I think you said you were practicing your signature?

[Jennifer glances down at the notepad in front of her, filled with versions of her signature.]

Jennifer: Right. That was you?

[The woman gives a nod and a half smile.]

Jennifer: Right.

[Jennifer gets up from the table and tosses her hair, then heads for the decanter on the table behind her chair.]

Jennifer: Behind this magnificent head of hair is a brain being pickled by lithium. Alright... Job interview. Looking for an assistant.

[Jennifer pours herself a drink, turns back to the Interviewee, takes a swallow, then immediately spits it out. She sits back down in her chair while continuing to talk.]

Jennifer: Gotta be smart. Go getter. Good to go?

[Jennifer slaps the table, then interlaces her fingers and leans forward on the table.]

Jennifer: First question... ready, Freddie?

[The woman responds with a nod and half smile.]

Interviewee: Mmm hmm.

Jennifer: Are you real?

Interviewee: Yes...

Jennifer: Good.

[Jennifer scribbles something on her notepad, then turns the page.]

Jennifer: Moving on. Hmm... interesting. Says here that you have experience doing things.

[The woman nods her head.]

Jennifer: HR likes that. Me? I have none. An HR nightmare. Can you keep a calendar?

Interviewee: Absolutely! I'll make certain you're on time and in order...

Jennifer: Doesn't really matter, because I only need one for the next few years anyway. So...

[Jennifer gets up from the table, walks a few steps, then turns back.]

Interviewee: Okay... Why's that?

Jennifer: We could all be dead! Shake the 8 Ball, future's unclear.

[Jennifer steps forward and rests her hands on the table, leaning towards the other woman.]

Jennifer: Can I ask you something? [nods] Do I seem crazy to you?

Interviewee: I've worked for men who disguised their crazy with sane. I think you wrap your sane just fine in crazy.

[Jennifer contemplates that answer for a few seconds, then puts out her arm for a handshake.]

Jennifer: Welcome to Markridge, kiddo. [shakes hands vigorously] Kiddo!

[While still shaking hands, Jennifer leans forward and uses her left knuckles to rub the woman's head. A slight chuckle then Jennifer steps back.]

That, in your honest opinion... See, have you ever in other jobs been noogied?

[Jennifer makes the knuckle gesture at her own head.]

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