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12 Monkeys: Out Of Time - Webisode 14: Names To Learn

Tagline: The old Markridge is dead. Long live Jennifer Goines.

Timeline: Takes place prior to or during episode 13.

[Jennifer paces back and forth in the Markridge boardroom. The out-of-focus heads of two employees can be seen in the foreground.]

Jennifer: The old Markridge is dead. Consumer confidence is subterranean. Our stocks are falling faster than a weepy hipster off the Golden Gate. Under the old Markridge, we stole and sold back. Under the new, we will discover and give back.

[Jennifer stops pacing and places her hands on the boardroom table, leaning towards the employees on the other side.]

Jennifer: However, it's come to my attention that some of you don't like the new Markridge. That you're questioning not just my sanity, but my ability. Jeopardizing the future of everyone in this company.

[Jennifer takes a few steps, grabs a baseball bat off the floor with her right hand and starts slapping it against the palm of her left hand.]

Jennifer: You know what I love about baseball? Doesn't matter what you think of the coach, you are part... of... a... team.

[Jennifer rests the baseball bat on her shoulder for a second.]

Jennifer: Isn't that right, Roger!

[Jennifer swings the bat at the employee's head, then repeatedly bashes him with the baseball bat. The screen zooms out to reveal that the 'employees' are actually mannequins.]

[The view changes to show four mannequins seated along one side of the boardroom table and Jennifer's assistant at the far end.]

Assistant: That was Bill from R&D.

Jennifer: I thought toupée was Roger.

Assistant: The mustache is Roger. From accounting. Toupée is Bill.

Jennifer: From R&D?

Assistant: Right.

Jennifer: Bowtie is Richard and Dead Eyes is Dave.

Assistant [shakes head]: Flip them.

Jennifer: Dammit, I'm never going to get all these names.

Assistant: Wasn't the punchline that you were going to fire them all anyway?

Jennifer: Except Roger.

Assistant: Bill.

Jennifer: Whatever! What's the point?

Assistant: What does it matter if you know their names or not?

[Jennifer turns away from her assistant and quietly starts talking.]

Jennifer: I was in the room when those scientists died. I remember their faces. Terrified. Shaking. Begging not to die. But not their names. So the way I figure, if you're going to kill an animal, you look it in the eye, call it what it's called.

[Jennifer stabs a straw in the top of a juice box and and starts drinking.]

Assistant: Miss Goines?

[Jennifer puts the juice box down on the table.]

Jennifer: Enough with the questions, Kiddo. I've got seven billion names to learn.

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