sotlat (sotlat) wrote,

12 Monkeys: Season 2 Webisode: The Witness

Tagline: The Witness brings salvation, or destruction. It's all a matter of perspective -- and time.

Olivia: What is a plague?

Jones: An epidemic, that lays waste to all in its way.

Olivia: Time is the true plague.

Jones: A plague devours life, leaving only a memory.

Olivia: But what if we could stop time?

Jones: What if you could end the destruction?

Olivia: Death itself would become the memory.

Jones: We carry on because of those memories.

Olivia: The Witness knows this.

Jones: He's our enemy.

Olivia: He will save us.

Jones: By destroying us.

Olivia: He is our savior.

Jones: A murderer.

Olivia: The one we love.

Jones: The one we fear.

Olivia: It is his will.

Jones: That we must stop.

Olivia: So we may live forever in the Red Forest.

Jones: And undo the damages that he has caused.

Olivia: The Witness knows...

Jones: I know...

Olivia: That he will...

Jones: Must not...

Olivia: Prevail.

Tags: 12monkeys, 12monkeyswebisode, thewitness, webisode
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