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12 Monkeys: Season 2 Webisode: Pre-Apocalyptic

Tagline: Jennifer Goines has a few things to say about the end of the world. But what's truth, and what's her crazy?

Timeline: Early 2016, before or during episode 201.

[In the Emerson Hotel bar, a group of five people sit together at a table discussing various conspiracy theories.]

Man 1: Nuclear fallout.

Woman 1: Oh, well, it's not global warming.

Man 2: Interplanetary alignment.

Woman 1: No.

Man 1: You know what nobody is talking about? Tomatoes. You know, they're genetically altered now. With what? Alien DNA.

Man 2: It ain't about space aliens, man! But it is about space.

Woman 1: Now, we all know the moral destruction of this country will come at the hand of individuals who engage in hedonistic...

[Jennifer's head comes into focus in the background, where she's been reading a newspaper in a armchair.]

Jennifer: What about a plague? Huh?

Woman 1: It is a plague.

[Jennifer sets down her newspaper, stands and walks towards the table.]

Jennifer: No, a real plague. A genetically altered virus created by a very specific bioengineering company.

Man 1: Like the tomatoes.

Jennifer: No! Like a cold. But no cough-sniff, this is bleed-die.

Woman 1: That sounds like bullshit to me.

[Jennifer sits down at the table, removes a vial from her pocket and shows it to the group.]

Jennifer: Huh! Hm-mm. Exhibit A. Proof. Conspiracy in infancy. Heh! Let's play a game. Spin the vial!

[Jennifer spins the vial, like she's playing 'spin the bottle'. When it points towards the guy on her right, she sets the vial infront of him.]

Jennifer: Wanna know who shot JFK? What happened at Roswell? McDonald's secret sauce? Open that up, Alice. In a few months you can march right into the Pentagon, the Vatican, and find out all the answers you ever wanted to know.

[Man 1 picks up the vial, contemplates it for a moment, then hands it back to Jennifer.]

Jennifer: Oh, come on. You ain't got the stuff.

[Jennifer spins the vial again and sets it infront of Man 2.]

Jennifer: Spaceman Spiff! Here it is. The key to interdimensional time travel. The beginning to the end. The seed of death. The power to rule the world! The great bio reset switch. Crack that open. We'll all be playing 'Ring Around the Rosie' til we all fall down.

Man 2: You're insane.

[Man 2 hands the vial back to Jennifer.]

Jennifer: In the membrane! Sorry. Okay. Well, that only leaves one last brave soul who will either stop me from sending the world into an apocalypse, or take some initiative themselves and open Pandora's Box of paradox.

[Instead of spinning the vial, Jennifer points at each person around the table as she talks, landing on Woman 1.]

Jennifer: And my mommy said to choose the very best one and you are it!

[Woman 1 grabs the vial and looks at Jennifer.]

Jennifer: It's just a twist top.

[Woman 1 hands the vial back to Jennifer.]

Jennifer: Huh. You had your chance. I guess I'll hold on to this for now. Get ready, kiddos. It's 2016, Year of the Monkey. The Year of the Monkey! See you soon.

[Jennifer gets up, grabs the vial and leaves the bar. The group settles back in at their table.]

Man 2: That was weird.

Man 1: So, what were we talking about?

Woman 1: Tomatoes.

Man 1: Tomatoes...
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