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12 Monkeys: Season 2 Webisode: Alone

Tagline: Flash forward later in Season 2: Why is Dr. Jones all alone? Where did everyone go?

Timeline: Between September 23, 2044 and July 28, 2045, during episode 213.

Jones: I'm alone. The sole occupant of Raritan Valley National Laboratory. The last guardian of Project Splinter.

[Jones stands overlooking the empty room that houses the splinter machine. She lifts her glass and takes a sip.]

Jones: What am I to do now? Shall I follow? Pursue? Into certain death? I cannot.

[Montage of Jones writing in a notebook, loading a shotgun, setting up tin can alarms and trip wires, then reading a book called 'Firearms Manual Archive'.]

Jones: Despite my solitude and isolation, I know that I won't always be. I must learn. Adapt. Like Dr. Railly once said, not every caterpillar becomes a butterfly.

[Jones hears crackling on her handheld radio and rushes to answer.]

Jones: Hello? Is anyone there?

[Jones hears a noise in an outer room and finds a dead scav. She drags the body down a hallway.]

Jones: What am I protecting? My life? This mission? Is it more valuable than these marauders who search merely for food and warmth?

[Jones picks up her violin and starts to play. Montage of Jones looking at herself in a mirror, then standing with her glass while looking out over the splinter machine room.]

[A bang sounds as another scav trips a wire. Jones pulls the body down the hall.]

Jones: Without a purpose here, am I not better? Have I become just another savage?

[Jones sits near a doorway smoking a cigarette. A shadow cutting through the light can be seen at the entrance. Jones raises her shotgun and aims it at the doorway.

Jones: I am no longer alone.

[Jones rushes down a hallway to her room and shuts the door.]
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